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You definitely must have come across a stopwatch at one point or the other in your life or even used one, right? But how much do you know about this gadget? Well, you'll be surprised to know that there is more to this kind of watch than you already know - especially on matters of its uses.

But it is important to first understand what this is. They are simple and, in most cases, small handheld timepieces that are normally designed to check the amount of time that will elapse from the point or time that they are started to when they are stopped. Some, especially which are used in places such as stadiums, are usually big but, mostly, such are commonly known as stop clocks.

Important uses:
Typically, they are started manually when an event that is supposed to be timed kicks off and stopped when the event stops. A good example here is when an athlete starts to run. They'll start this piece of gadget and stops it when they reach their destination or finishing line. Coaches also use watches to check or monitor their athletes.

It is prudent to understand that it can either be analog or digital. The analog one, in spite of the arrival of its digital version, is still very useful as far as countdown is concerned. However, the digital version has been credited for more accuracy over any kind of time evaluations. For instance, there are some of these that have the capacity of storing up to 50 lap times while, on the other hand, some can only hold up to 10 only.

Some digital timers can be used to calculate speed or even time provided that the distance that one will run is clearly known.

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